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Manufacturing programe:  

Tubular heater 6,5 and 8,5 mm:                                                            

Our tubular heaters have an outside diameter of 6,5mm and 8,5mm. They are produced from high-alloyed chromium-nickel steel. The heating conductor is made from high temperature resistant chromium-nickel resistance wire. The heating conductor is centrically embedded inside the tube and isulated with MgO. The characteristics of fine grained MgO is a god thermal conductivity and an excellent isolation for use at very high temperature. The heating element ends are unheated and sealed as weel as locked with a ceramic cap. Our tubular heaters are bent in different shapes according to costumer specification. The surface load of the Tubular Haters in W/cm2 depends on the intendend purpose. Therefore, the performance and dimensions of all Tubular Haters have to be designed according to their intende purpose. 

The main characteristics of our tubular heaters:

  • Outside diameter: 6,5mm and 8.5mm

  • Resistance wire material: CrNi

  • Voltage: 230 volt AC, 400 volt AC and others

  • Tube material: stainless steel or Incoloys

  • Mechanical fixing elements

  • Electrical fixing elements

  • High temperature resistance

  • Isolation material: fine grained MgO


Liquid heating


Air heating


Tubular heaters for industry


Protective pipes

Outside diameter: 6,5mm, 7,5mm, 8,0mm, 8,5mm, 10,0mm.
Mechanical fixing elements: M10x1, M14x1, M14x1,5, G 1/4" , G 1/2"...
Lenght: adjustable by customer requiraments.


Cooling and heating tube spirales




Catalog of heaters in stock:



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